The Tao Energy House – personal experience

I love the Tao Energy House! It is one of the Alchymeic energies that I have most profound effect with.  Each time I drink the energy of the Tao House, I feel my whole form being ‘filled’ up.  I feel fuller, more grounded and more present.  It is amazing having it in my home.  It feels like all those ‘untouched’ spaces being touched by light.  I always have an affinity with the Tao tradition, and I have also embraced Alchymie energies for 15 years.  Having the essence of Tao in an Alchymeic product, and have this current in my home is a real blessing.  It is hard for me to find words to describe this current.  Perhaps that is Tao – nameless.    Sunami


Information on the Tao Energy House can be found here.



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