Creating Sanctuary in your living and working environment

Having a psychically clear living and working environment is important and supportive for your wellbeing.  A sanctuary is where your whole being can breathe and rest.  Living and working in such a space can help you in the following ways:-


-       locating peace in yourself easier. You will be able to breathe easier, more open and expanded.  More able to find that place where you can let go and relax, able to feel more harmonious in your own being.

-       dealing with your own issues easier, rather than having to deal with the density of the environment.

-       Support you in meditation

-       Support you in your functions.  When your psychic field is clearer, you will have greater clarity in your daily tasks.

-       Support relationships in the environment since there will be less agitation in the environment.



There are many things you can do to support creating such a space.  These are some of the things I do with the Alchymeic products:-

-       Place Alchymeic Energies that support creating a psychically clear space and a space of Heart.

  • Energy Houses (Bright Room, Tao house, Christic House,  A-Cosmic Man House, The Heart of Love House, House Five Sky)
  • Travelling Bubbler
  • Fractaliser
  • Saturn Bubbler
  • Stickers (Shadow of WWW, Poltergeist, Home, Office, Spider, Vermin, Pristine)


-       Put a written note of your address on a Stargate box and use relevant energies on the Stargate box.

  • Eg. [the address], all rooms, ceilings, floors and walls.  All furniture. Everyone in the house.


-       Use Leviathan through the whole house.


-       Wave wands around the whole house.


-       Tapping the wands on walls, furniture, chairs, cushions, bed etc. helps to shift and lift the negative energetics locked in those places.


-       spray with a spray bottle (Gargoyle, Pristine, or Up Up and Away) around the house.  You may also spray and wipe the place.


-       tap a bucket of water with wands or put it on the Stargate box with the wands, and use the water to clean the house.  Eg. Mop the floor, wipe the walls, furniture etc.  Energetically bringing light to those places touched by the blessed water.  Choose what energies you like to use.   I like to use the following, Quantum Vacuum, Don’t Fence Me In, No Law for Negativity, Maha, Fractal Earth, Touching Light, Primary Heart, Quetzalcoatl, FFA, Nuclear Tracker etc.


-       Put a bucket of water over Energy Houses, (Bright Room, Tao House, Christic House), Travelling Bubbler, Fractaliser, Saturn Bubbler, and use the water to clean the house.



-       Strap wands to a vacuum cleaner while vacuuming.  Some of the wands I like to use are Quantum Vacuum, No Law for Negativity, Big Black Hole Soak, Fractal Earth, Pinocchio Transformation Puja, Maha. Invasion Wizard.  Feel the difference.


-       Put Pristine sticker on Vacuum cleaner, toilet, washing machine, fridge etc.


-       If you want to paint your house, tap the paint with Wands of your choice. I like to use Fractal Earth, Maha and Touching Light.


-       Strap some wands to a hose, and wash down the outside of the house.  Some of the wands I like to use are Invasion Wizard, Lifestream, and any of the Psychic Clearing energies.

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