Creating Sanctuary in your living and working environment

Having a psychically clear living and working environment is important and supportive for your wellbeing.  A sanctuary is where your whole being can breathe and rest.  Living and working in such a space can help you in the following ways:-


-       locating peace in yourself easier. You will be able to breathe easier, more open and expanded.  More able to find that place where you can let go and relax, able to feel more harmonious in your own being.

-       dealing with your own issues easier, rather than having to deal with the density of the environment.

-       Support you in meditation

-       Support you in your functions.  When your psychic field is clearer, you will have greater clarity in your daily tasks.

-       Support relationships in the environment since there will be less agitation in the environment.



There are many things you can do to support creating such a space.  These are some of the things I do with the Alchymeic products:-

-       Place Alchymeic Energies that support creating a psychically clear space and a space of Heart.

  • Energy Houses (Bright Room, Tao house, Christic House,  A-Cosmic Man House, The Heart of Love House, House Five Sky)
  • Travelling Bubbler
  • Fractaliser
  • Saturn Bubbler
  • Stickers (Shadow of WWW, Poltergeist, Home, Office, Spider, Vermin, Pristine)


-       Put a written note of your address on a Stargate box and use relevant energies on the Stargate box.

  • Eg. [the address], all rooms, ceilings, floors and walls.  All furniture. Everyone in the house.


-       Use Leviathan through the whole house.


-       Wave wands around the whole house.


-       Tapping the wands on walls, furniture, chairs, cushions, bed etc. helps to shift and lift the negative energetics locked in those places.


-       spray with a spray bottle (Gargoyle, Pristine, or Up Up and Away) around the house.  You may also spray and wipe the place.


-       tap a bucket of water with wands or put it on the Stargate box with the wands, and use the water to clean the house.  Eg. Mop the floor, wipe the walls, furniture etc.  Energetically bringing light to those places touched by the blessed water.  Choose what energies you like to use.   I like to use the following, Quantum Vacuum, Don’t Fence Me In, No Law for Negativity, Maha, Fractal Earth, Touching Light, Primary Heart, Quetzalcoatl, FFA, Nuclear Tracker etc.


-       Put a bucket of water over Energy Houses, (Bright Room, Tao House, Christic House), Travelling Bubbler, Fractaliser, Saturn Bubbler, and use the water to clean the house.



-       Strap wands to a vacuum cleaner while vacuuming.  Some of the wands I like to use are Quantum Vacuum, No Law for Negativity, Big Black Hole Soak, Fractal Earth, Pinocchio Transformation Puja, Maha. Invasion Wizard.  Feel the difference.


-       Put Pristine sticker on Vacuum cleaner, toilet, washing machine, fridge etc.


-       If you want to paint your house, tap the paint with Wands of your choice. I like to use Fractal Earth, Maha and Touching Light.


-       Strap some wands to a hose, and wash down the outside of the house.  Some of the wands I like to use are Invasion Wizard, Lifestream, and any of the Psychic Clearing energies.

New Energy – Quetzalcoatl

The Quetzalcoatl Wand is not an ordinary Alchymeic Wand.  It is larger in size, and this new Energy addresses a vast yet specific karmic structure – a limitation that has lain dormant in the psyche of humankind for thousands of years.


After the degradation of many of the early south American civilisations, (the Mayans, the Incas and the Aztecs, just to name a few), the earth plane and all of civilisation entered an important period of evolution that was to continue for the next 2 thousand years. We have come to know this period as the final stages of the ‘Age Of Darkness’. In witnessing the appearance of the Quetzalcoatl as an Energy, a lot of this relevant history was understood by what was revealed in the vision.

More information here


Stargate for transmission of Alchymie energies

The Stargate is a Hermetic tool of transference.  You can transmit the blessing of the Alchymeic energies (in the form of wands or vials) to someone, some place, or a situation through the Stargate.   I use this energy tool on a daily basis.


A prayer asking for support can also be placed on the Stargate.  I feel Divinely held when I do this and it helps me to be less concerned about the situation, and I am reassured that Grace will help to hold it.  Over the years, it has amazed me to see how my prayers had been answered.  It is such a great Alchymeic tool.  I would not go anywhere without it.   I now carry a mini Stargate wherever I go so that I can just write a prayer when things arise.


Examples of items and intentions (prayers) you can put on the Stargate to receive blessings are:

  • yourself (write your name)
  • clearing for your home
  • clearing for your work place
  • plants and animals
  • bills and mail
  • wallet and handbag
  • books, magazines and important documents
  • business cards
  • meetings
  • write a prayer when you exercise (gym, yoga, tai chi, swimming)
  • places that you are going to (restaurant, cinema, doctor)
  • blessing for family and friends
  • clearing for your travel (bus, train, airport)
  • bathwater
  • world events (earthquakes, flood, fire)
  • a prayer when you rest at night
  • school
  • prayers on issues around money and abundance
  • prayers on issues around relationships
  • when you give sessions
  • a prayer to find lost items
  • a prayer to enhance your psychic and feeling capacity


I usually write a prayer at the beginning of the year, setting intentions for the year.  Also, at the beginning of each week and each day, I write a prayer for the tasks and activities ahead.



More information on Stargate can be found here.


The Tao Energy House – personal experience

I love the Tao Energy House! It is one of the Alchymeic energies that I have most profound effect with.  Each time I drink the energy of the Tao House, I feel my whole form being ‘filled’ up.  I feel fuller, more grounded and more present.  It is amazing having it in my home.  It feels like all those ‘untouched’ spaces being touched by light.  I always have an affinity with the Tao tradition, and I have also embraced Alchymie energies for 15 years.  Having the essence of Tao in an Alchymeic product, and have this current in my home is a real blessing.  It is hard for me to find words to describe this current.  Perhaps that is Tao – nameless.    Sunami


Information on the Tao Energy House can be found here.



Bright Spark

Bright Spark

This is an initiatory current made from a combined number of Energies, existing together in unison – as individual Wands, all contained within one larger tube. The Bright Spark is the Bright Light of initiatory transmission that allows an impulse of Light to activate the entire body mind. Therefore it can be felt whole-bodily as a generator, sparking the current of real life. It is a tool designed to move us through into the enlightened form, beyond the rusty or primitive circuitry that has been part of the pattern of existence over the hundreds of lifetimes that we have all endured.

In the Alchymie Of Creation, A Divine Vision Appeared – 
“Divine hands appeared above the head holding a machine, laser like, cutting around the outer layers of the being, cutting away all of the ‘death’ structure which is embedded in the born condition. A new form of Radiant Being or Eternal Light began to appear. Grounding, the current flows deeply through, actualising the new form. Part of the vision was of it switching on the tap of the life current, like at a petrol station, flowing like petrol – energy for our vehicle.”

For enquiry on Bright Spark, Click Here

New Released Wand – The Heart Is All

“The Heart Is All – abiding as reality! No subject or object of any kind. All to be outshone in the Love of Only God. The navel fills with energy and the current washes through the whole body allowing the emergence of the new form. The Enlightened body actualises, dissolving all remembrance of separative self.
This is the time when humankind can make the great gesture to live on the basis of awakening to Love and Heart, beyond the lifetimes that have gone before filled with greed for power and the protection of separative egoic life. This is a time when the true possibility for the Heart’s Intelligence can emerge and be demonstrated and lived. This is the time when the age of darkness dissolves and the real possibility of the Age of Light awakens.”


Click here or contact us directly to order this new wand.

New Psychic Clearing energy – Leviathan

The Leviathan energy  addresses a specific level of psychic clearing.  It consists of five individual wands, held within an outer tube and incorporating for the first time a switch operated light source.  It focuses on cutting away the ‘tentacles’ and binding energetic constrictions that tend to reach into our lives and keep us bound to a controled way of living.



What Is Leviathan?

The Leviathan is an ancient biblical word that has been used to describe a daemonic, octopus like creature that rises up from the depths of the sea.  Coincidently, it has also been used for many years to describe the rise of capitalism and government and corporate greed. It is to this end, the new Leviathan Energy Product has arrived – to help us cut free of the subtle levels of control into which we have all been unconsciously lured.


The Leviathan energy was originally created to address an energetic arising out of Latin America. As we know, the less fortunate countries have had their labor and resources exploited by the west for many years. Today we are beginning to see the effects of this greed and abuse through the media, documentaries and information provided via the internet.


As the Leviathan Product was being created, the binding energetic of the Leviathan began to reveal itself as a much larger matter than simply being confined to Latin America, reaching further into levels of our lives than previously realised. Every day, those of us in the more affluent parts of the world, are faced with the outcomes of this exploitation and greed; in the media; on the net and at the supermarket – the twisted, manipulating quality that is trying to mould us into a particular shape. It is devoid of feeling, care, integrity and wants only to control and exploit. And now, people all over the world are rising up against this energetic!


The Important Coincidences…

When new Alchymeic Products are made, there are usually significant ‘signs’ or coincident occurrences that reflect in the world. For example, over the many years when Bubblers have been set up, no matter where they are, there has always been a storm or extreme weather pattern that occurs during and after the event. This clearly reflects that the energy is hitting the mark, instigating a period of clearing and balancing within the earth’s energy systems that the Bubblers are addressing.


Similarly, with the creation of the Leviathan Energy, many articles and statements about Leviathan began to surface in the media and on the net, as well as important social movements simultaneously taking place.


The exact day that the Leviathan Product was created, the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement broke through the barriers of media resistance it was facing, and hit the mainstream media all over the world, which in turn sparked a world wide movement. This is a direct symbol of the impulse within the human spirit to be freed from this control and exploitation.


The following quotes also surfaced, amongst many, on prevalent Blogs, about the banking system, again reflecting the energetic of Leviathan and all that it represented. (It is the belief of many, that the mega banks, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are the manifestation of the Psychic entity “Leviathan”)


Quote – Matt Tabibi’s – Rolling Stone, vision of Goldman Sachs
“…The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who’s Who of Goldman Sachs graduates…”


Quote – Jesse’s Café Americain, blog
“…It is they whose money sucking tentacles, pry into our lives, extracting life energy and keep us enslaved and indebted. JPMorgan is not just Too Big to Fail. It IS the market, and 95% of their transactions are still OTC. Notice that some of the players are no longer with us, and of course there is the big combination of CMB and JPM, when the houses of Morgan and Rockefeller combined after this report was issued to…”


All of this is pointing to one thing – that humans are ready to wake up and take responsibility for their presence in this place and become conscious participants in the creative process. The Leviathan Product is a profound gift to help us make this transition.


An Important Note About Control and Mind…

It is important to note, that because of the state of unconsciousness across the world or the lack of consciousness or real growth, we have been extremely exploitable. Somehow, within the lessons we require in this place, we have all opted to have to pass through a victim/aggressor theatre, which has mainly been dominated by men. Thus, we see for the most part, the control that is gripping humanity, is mostly at the hands of the male culture.  From this kind of limited male domination, all kinds of subtle, unseen possessions take hold of our lives and we are left struggling to penetrate this feeling of being trapped. But no longer… it is time for the male mind to yield to the Divine Conscious Light and allow the earth to be liberated from its binding grip.


The Vision Of The Leviathan’s Creation…

The creation of Alchymeic Products, is a process between the Alchymist and Philosopher’s Stone. It is an esoteric matter, as it is a polarised current of the Male and Female forms of Divine awakening.  Divine Vision is a big part of the process of creation for every Alchymeic Product.  The following writings are the official statements about the Product and its intention.


Radiant Conscious Light ‘Leviathan’

This energetic was witnessed and the following Divine Vision was given.

The Vision is as follows:

“What appeared as a large sea monster, octopus like, with billions of tentacles, was resting over the Americas above and beyond the earth plane. Its body, its central intelligence, was fed by the darkness and terror that ruled the country. In other words, the political figures were the guinea pigs of its intelligence and their exploitation and evil was the sheer energy of its own fodder. The tentacles appeared enormous at the top and big suction pads sat and fed off the heads or brains of people constantly in darkness. As the tentacles got thinner towards the ends, the suctions pads were smaller and the final tentacle end points were what people were describing as ‘appearing like a playful energy, playing with people’ in an effort to manipulate.   Without the suction pads on the end, the tentacles were moving people around to where the suctions were in order to attach.


What was also witnessed, was that it kept creating more of these tentacles, birthing them, so it was a living mass of re-creation of its own form and Hell was literally the outcome! It was driven by feeding off the terror because fear is an energy. Also witnessed, underneath between its tentacles, the vision of Light starting to emerge in small pockets and I knew that was the Bubblers. What could be seen was that it needed a whole new way of dealing with it from the outside coming down upon it and the Bubblers by themselves were not going to penetrate this structure, although they appeared to be burning and making the tentacles uncomfortable.”


“So, within the Alchymie, an Energy has been created to deal with this exact vision, the outcome of which is called ‘Leviathan’. The Vision of what was to be the tool to deal with this appeared to be a Radiant Sword of Light, hence the tool is a new tool and it is to deal at a multi dimensional level – five levels were revealed. This Energy will be dealing with levels – Level One Leviathan, Level Two Leviathan, Level Three Leviathan, Level Four Leviathan and Level Five Leviathan. The tool itself, of which will be consisting of five rods filled with golden liquid, a light source through the middle and a pointed light at the end.”
- Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss



Real feeling and Trust

“Real feeling is trust, so cease defining and confining all that is by our own little moment, open therefore to what is greater and beyond any moment in this place. We only see what is True from the point of view of the Mystery, where there is no longer the blindness of self and other.”

from “The Will of God is the Obligation to Love”

Heart of Space set up in Hong Kong

The Heart of Space in Hong Kong was installed on the 8th October.

On the day of the set up, the apartment was packed with people.  They were all standing and sitting wherever they could find a spot.   As the energies went on, the space felt more and more expanded.   The space became clearer and clearer.  Head pressure were released especially after the Fractalizer went in.  There was stillness in the air.  People became more relax and opened.



For the first few days after the HOS went in, there was purification, and the weather was wild and unusual for that time of the year.  It was rainy and windy, and for days there was no sunlight and Hong Kong was like in a fog. Despite the wild and unusual weather, staying in the Heart of Space felt like a port in a storm.  Sunlight came through after a few days.  Having been in Hong Kong before, I could really feel the difference with the Heart of Space there.  It is tangibly lighter.  People say they now feel more calm, and not so heightened and stressed.


What a blessing to have the Heart of Space in Hong Kong!