Sunami has been actively practising Alchymie for over 16 years.  Throughout these years,  she has traveled widely (both within Australia and internationally)  holding workshops, presentations and  transformative sessions for people from all walks of life.  She plays an integral part in bringing the Alchymie to Asia particularly Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.  When she is not traveling she works from the Hermes Far Eastern Shining Centre in Australia.



“I embrace Alchymie in all different aspects of my daily life.  Over 16 years of living and breathing with Alchymie, I truly feel this blessing transformed my life; my life is fuller and has a much greater level of freedom.  I am moved to share this wondrous Alchymeic process and Energy tools with others.   Supporting others in the Alchymeic transformative process and seeing real changes in them has been totally nourishing for my heart.”