The Alchymeic session is about bringing real change by releasing energetic blocks that limit us from living our full potential.  The sessions can focus on specific area such as creating abundance in your life, auric cleansing and chakra balancing, restoring your relationships dynamics, restoring work/life balance, communication from the heart beyond politics, or work on your own intention.


These sessions can be done in person or via



.Working intuitively, energy blocks and limitations that arise become more conscious.  Some blocks are so old and deep but working in relation with the breath,  accupressure points, and energy centres, these powerful tools has shown to be supportive and can help to invite a profound release of these limiting patterns. By connecting with these knots and limitations within ourselves, a whole body transformation is possible. Finally restoring us to our natural state of being – relaxed, balanced, full and radiance.



.If you are interested in alchymeic sessions, please Contact us to make a booking.

1) A Free Introductory session!

If you have not been introduced to Alchymie or experience the Alchymeic Energy tools, a free half hour session is offered for you to experience them.


2) Personalised in-depth Alchymeic sessions

Support your spiritual growth by using the Alchymeic energies to:

(i) transform whatever is revealed in the session, or

(ii) transform a particular personal situation or issue that you are facing.


3) Alchymeic sessions with specified intentions:

  • Psychic Clearing – Help you clear the psychic pressure that you face living in the modern world and find some space to ‘feel free’ in the midst of it all.
  • 6th Sense – Helps you to enhance your ʻintuitiveʼ or ʻpsychicʼ capacity, and learn to trust this intuition.
  • Abundance and Relationship to Money – Support your awakening and aligning to the actuality of Divine abundance, beyond the economics of scarcity and release levels of concern around your relationship to money.
  • Relationships – Support releasing wounds and difficulties in relationships, and enhances heartfelt relationships.
  • Chakra Balancing – Enhancing and balancing the vibratory current of your Chakra system.



4) Home and Office Clearing 

Psychic Clearing your home or work environment.  Creating a clearer and lighter space, free from psychic intrusion or ‘darker forces’.


5) Octahedron session 

Using the Alchymeic tool, Octahedrons, in the session.  Help to release blocked energies and open up your energy circuits. Enliven and invigorating your whole being.




Clients’ comments

I have been having healing sessions with Sunami Designer for nearly 3 years now…

during this time I have found her gentle and unassuming manner to be both most appealing and supportive …..  During the sessions she is able to truly feel and sense both what I am feeling and what I am experiencing as well as somehow “read” the energy in my body as it is being released.  This means that she is easily able to intuit what energies I need and when….  this has meant that the releasing process is made easier by her innate clarity of perception.  I know of no other healer who has such a deep and laser-like perceptive ability – and it is this ability, coupled with her many years of experience of the energies that make her the giant of a healer that she is.  I heartily recommend Sunami to all people who are ready to embrace deep transformative change – her caring and intuitive nature make the process easeful, effective and precise.  Thank you Sunami – I don’t know where I would be without all your help!

CM – NSW, Australia. Sept 2011


Hi Sunami,

Thanks very much for the session the other day. I brought the wands you told me to use to the auction and drank the water and we got a really good price for it!

I would love you to have a session at our new place when we move in.


Licia – Oct 2010


Hi Sunami,

Thank for the session today. Now I have better understanding of my own situation now.

Helan, Singapre  Sept 2010


Hi Sunami,

I really appreciated the session with you the other day! I felt like I was in Paradise afterwards!

Many blessings,

Licia – Melbourne. Aug 2010


Thanks for the session.

You’ve brought so much life to my life today!

Sue – Aug 2010


I wanted to write and thank you Sunami for your ongoing support. Firstly let me say how happy I am with the products I bought from you recently.  Each and every one of them has it’s place in my healing tool kit.  Mainly for myself but also for my family and clients. . Your suggestion for the energy house is helping me to feel the sanctuary of my home. I actually find it to be a very powerful clearing tool.  It also helps feel more at home in myself when I’m at home.  As you know I’ve just moved to a bustling city with many new changes and engaging the energy house when I come home and just having in my apartment has definite felt benefits.  I feel relieved to have it, so thank you for helping me make  it happen. I really enjoyed our sessions before I left.  You have a lovely way about you that allows the healing to unfold in a way that is powerful and easy at the same time.   The effects of the sessions we did have been noticable to me and your ongoing support has made these benefits live on and  grow. By having the products I have a way of tuning into this and to evolve myself even further.   I am making changes in a way that i could not have without the products and this is very obvious to me and my partner.  Having said that you have been and still are an intrinsic part of this journey and I want to thank you humbly for your generosity and wisdom. The way you took me through the session showed me how i can bring myself into a state of grace and unfoldment for myself.   your insight into my situation and your ability to feel into what’s behind what I was experiencing was both precise and reassuring, and is now helping me in real terms as this situation develops. Sunami, you are a wise, genuine and delightful person to spend time with and I am grateful for every effort you make in supporting my growth & wellbeing in the way that you do.

Yours Sincerely,

Soren Ananda -  Hong Kong. June 2010


Hi Sunami,

I wanted to acknowledge how amazing I feel and the Infinite expansion of my heart with your help. 

The products have also enabled me to change my perception behaviour and now structure. 

Many thanks and blessings.

Clare -  Melbourne. June 2010


Hi I’m just writing to say what a difference it made having those sessions with you- I was SO much Better after!


Sue – Hong Kong. Sept, 2010


Dear Sunami,

I have been teaching 6 days a week and am also teaching lots privately on top of that. I am so happy with all this abundance and am so very grateful considering there is a financial crisis at the moment.

Love and light

Licia – April 2009



I am very grateful for the passionate dedication you have shown in helping myself and others gain feeling and energy through your Alchymeic Workshops. You have opened our senses to other realms, making it feel safe to explore these places with your assistance. My sensitivity now is largely due to your perseverance since my introduction to Hermes Alchymie. You always put others before yourself. I am grateful for your selfless-ness.

Many thanks Sunami for all your ministerings on ALL levels.

Sally Williams – Melbourne March 2009

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