These NEW and exciting energy tools are utilised directly for restoration and deep release. Psychically they are seen to be opening new areas, chambers and spaces that have never been allowed within the contracted space of mortal form. The Octahedrons are part of the evolutionary redevelopment or reconstruction of the body-mind-self, unravelling the complicated energetic structures in the beginning phase of our resurrection as Cosmic Man.

Temple Of Man Octahedron

This Octahedron being the newest of the group is a very powerful one. Its energy is intended for the utter support and awakening of these bodies as The Temple Of Man or the awakened enlightened state whole-bodily.

The gravity, the density or entropy that exists at every level of our existence presents a severe limitation on true Spiritual development. This wonderful Octahedron stands as real support in these exhausting times…

Earth Light Octahedron

The Yellow appeared specific to the navel or hara, the initiatory current of creative force, the power centre of existence.

Soul Octahedron

The Purple, to be called the “Soul Octahedron”, is specific to the dissolution of identification to the karmic recycling pattern of movement in and out of lifetimes. Releasing and allowing attention to abide in the present moment as consciousness itself.

Subtle Mind Octahedron

In the vision, the first colour to appear was Blue. Directly relating to the volumetric opening of the cerebral (or ordinary) mind to cosmic mind.

Heart Breath Octahedron

The Red Octahedron, vibrating at the Heart Centre, is awakening the initiatory current on the right side of the heart, to ignite the volumetric Intelligence of the Heart.

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